Pastor Trent D. Washington, Sr.
Our Annoited Pastor!

Pastor Trent D. Washington, Sr. was born in Houston, TX on June 29th. He received his elementary education at local schools in Houston, TX and Stockton, CA. He is a graduate from the class of 1993 at A. A. Stagg High School in Stockton, CA. It was prophesized to him as a young boy, that he would be called to be a gospel preacher. He attended Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church and was baptized in 1984. At a young age, He accepted his calling under Pastor M. M. Harris, Sr., in the winter of 2000. He continued to fast & pray under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. On February 9, 2003, Trent Washington, Sr. was ordained at the Galatians Community Church. Shortly, thereafter he was called to lead Galatians Community Church as their pastor. He immediately answer God’s calling and took his anointed position as the Pastor to serve and do the work of Jesus Christ. Currently, when he is not working at the church he is working as a Property Manager. Pastor Washington has been married to his beautiful wife, Tanji Washington for 18 outstanding years. He is also the father of four beautiful children: Trent Jr., Trenton, Tenyiah, and Tyrie. Some of his goals are to pursue a degree in Theology, then eventually continuing his education to receive a Masters of Divinity Degree.